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Colour Changing Fry Pan

Fryed Beef & chips

Fairlady Consumer Awards 2014Prestige Colour Changing Fry Pans The new Prestige Hot Forged Colour Changing Fry Pan reacts to temperature change.  The colour change is visible with the naked eye changing from blue when cold to white when hot.  The pan can with stand temperatures of 220 degrees celcius, conducts heat evenly & fast.  If pan is overheated & exceeds prescribed temperature it will not change back to blue when cooled. Pan is available in the following sizes - 20cm, 24cm & 28cm's.  

Other great reasons for adding this pan into your kitchen are:

    • Ceramic non stick coating for healthy cooking, needing very little butter or oil.
    • Cooks faster & saves energy.
    • Bakelite handle for easy handling.